PREDICTOR’s Control Panel provides access to a generalized HELP page which should be read by all prospective users of the system. PREDICTOR has 10 screens: three involve data entry (basic financials, annual expenses, and future capital expense estimates), two screens support "what if" analyses, three are optional (loans, credit lines, simplified inflation estimates), and two are summary "read only" screens. Every page of the system has specific instructions related to that particular page only. The Free Trial version very quickly introduces the user to PREDICTOR's capabilities. In addition, there are two videos demonstrating how to use the application and a brief introductory slideshow.

PREDICTOR Introductory Tutorial 1 (Operating Expenses) 

The documentation should serve to satisfy most questions about use of the system.  If a particular issue arises that is not covered by the instructions email with 'Predictor Support' in the subject line. Include in your message the version of Excel and operating system in use along with a full description of the problem or question. A response will be provided as promptly as possible.