Fee & Assessment Forecasting for Condominium & Homeowner Associations (HOAs)


This is a Free Trial Edition.

Production edition is available 15 November 2022.

Azalea System’s PREDICTOR is a Windows application based on Excel that forecasts the amount and timing of Condominium/HOA fee increases and assessments necessary to fund capital requirements and increasing operating costs. Whether you are a modest size Association or a Property Manager responsible for many Associations and hundreds of Units, you will face future deficits in both the annual account and capital account unless you increase income through fees, assessments or other means.

Typical Annual Debt Projection in Capital Account:

(OK for Next Few Years, but Deficits Thereafter)

But how much more income is required, when is it needed, and how should it be raised? Boards respond to these questions by planning ahead, but it often takes countless spreadsheets to explore the funding alternatives and anxiety filled meetings with Association members to try to forge consensus on a way forward. You can now put all that behind you; with Predictor you can instantly go from a00 deficit projection to a plan with positive end of year balances and an associated fee schedule that is designed to meet the needs and objectives of your particular community. All it takes is entering a surprisingly small amount of data and asking for a solution - and yes, Predictor's recommendations are adjustable by the user.



Predictor Operating Fund Balance Forecast Reflects User Defined Maximum End of Year Carryover ($40,000) and Minimum End of Year Balance ($10,000)


Resultant Fee Forecast, Reflecting User Defined Maximum  Monthly Fee Increase Allowed / Year


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